Year-end Review: 2018


What a year it’s been.

Year 2 of wzhouphoto. One year ago I braced myself and made the decision to go all in photography as a career. This year was just me putting the pedal to the metal. As one would, there were so, so many lessons and opportunities that I was able to experience and learn from this year.

  • I joined the UMBC Shriver Center as their photographer for the Maryland Public Service Scholars Program

  • Got a job as an in-house photographer and retoucher at Lovoda

  • Shot 25 weddings in total (BIG shoutouts to Whole Heart Studios)

  • Photographed my first metal concert with A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Falling In Reverse and Papa Roach

  • Joined the VGBootCamp team to work at my first Smash major at Super Smash Con. Thank you Calvin for taking a chance on me.

  • Dove deeper into the Esports scene by shooting The Script: Ep. 1, Short Hops, Live and Let Die and Launch.

  • Got published in a book.

  • Shot an event for the United States military.

  • Had the opportunity to shoot and hang out with one of my favorite bands, Beautiful Eulogy.

  • Shot for the Baltimore Charm City Night Market (Thank you Kaylyn for the referral!)

  • Joined GrubHub as a photographer.

  • Gave a whack at directing and shooting a bubble tea ad campaign.

  • Got to work with Chef Will Wes on not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 (!) events.

  • Interviewed and photographed 13 incredible Asian Americans for APAHM 2018. Check out their stories here.

  • Had the honor of being able to talk to 6 good friends for a little project on mental illness. Check it out Hygge x Depression here.

As I’m writing this I’m thinking about all the change that will come in 2019. Similar to last year, I’m not even close to where I want to be. But after a lot of soul searching this year I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll end up where I end up. I spent the greater part of this year neglecting many of my friendships and my personal health in pursuit of success. In a sense, I did get some of what I was aiming for, but it came at a cost I don’t think justified the result.

There were lots of friendships that I lost this year. Friendships that suffered because of unavailability or just not having the capacity to maintain on my part and I’m sorry for that. But there were also so many new relationships made that I’m so incredibly thankful for. For a long time I really struggled with feeling like I was a “clingy” friend but something I came to realize this year is that things are only going to get more busy. I no longer have the luxury to actively expend energy and put up a front and pretend I’m too cool for people I love dearly. So I’m going to do my best to just….not. So thank you to all people that have stuck by my side, thank you to all the new friends I was able to make. Your friendship is the roux to my mac n’ cheese.

Something I’ll continue striving for in 2019 and in the rest of my career is to be more and more in tune with my own personal rhythms. As much as I want success, I want it on my own terms. If that means doing things slower or differently than others then so be it. I’ll bring the patience I need.

Without further ado: Here is my 2018

note: these will be in almost random order! Don’t have time to carefully place each photo. sorry! ;)

Thank you all for coming by and for following me on my journey of becoming. I’m grateful.

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