b. 1986, HK.

hey there!

i’m winston zhou and i’m a maryland/virginia wedding photographer. i love hygge, runny eggs, IPAs and cats. i’m mainly based in the baltimore area but i’ll go anywhere and everywhere. my photography style leans towards the natural, off-beat, candid moments. i think weddings should be fun first, beautiful second. to me, the best photographs are ones that are truly candid: when you can tell that someone is fully living in the moment, whatever that may look like.

why book me as your baltimore wedding photographer?
that’s like asking which of your friends do you want to invite to your wedding, y’know? if you want to get married but don’t want to take it too seriously, we might be a perfect fit.
if you just want someone to take photos for you because i’m within your budget, i can do that. but ultimately i want you to book me because you LOVE my weird work, and maybe enjoy being around weird ol’ me as well.

from here, feel free to head over to my blog, browse through my favorite photos of 2018 or check out my FAQ.

Let’s have some fun. Drop me a line; come say hi.

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